NaBloPoMo… what the what??

NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month is here… 

Sorry, at first glance, I had NO IDEA what NaBloPoMo actually meant. I had to read through multiple pages, and even check out a couple of different sites before I actually got a definition of what it stands for. I felt so old and out of touch. 

So I read more and more into and it turns out it’s actually a pretty big event in the blogging community – naturally, not being a blogger, I had no idea what the hell it was all about, so it piqued my interest somewhat. Turns out it’s an event where you need to write a post on your blog every day for 30 days – kind of like those one-pic-a-day-for-a-month (or a year!) challenges, except it’s more of a competition with prizes. Unfortunately, you can only enter if you’re a US citizen (boo! Not that I’d stand a chance of winning, because lets face it, who want’s to read my self-indulgent drivel!?).

But I thought, what better way to really dive into the deep end of this blogging venture, than starting off with a monthly challenge.

NaBloPoMo – it’s ON!! Although, given that today is the 4th of November, I do have some catching up to do. There’s a list of the daily writing challenges that I’ll be following for the month. It does seem a bit daunting – although it’s not actually 30 days as there aren’t weekends included (unless I get a bit distracted with work etc and have to do a weeks worth of posts over the weekend – but I’ll try not to!).

Wish me luck!


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