Day 6 – Daily Blogging

Friday, November 8, 2013
Tell us what you’ve learned so far about daily blogging.

So, it hasn’t even been a whole week, and I’ve been keeping up my daily blog posts. As I mentioned in my initial post, the whole concept of blogging is still fresh and new to me, despite it being something that I’ve wanted to do for quite a while. Although I have so much in my head that I want to write and share and just get out of my head, my focus at the moment is writing my daily posts as part of NaBloPoMo.

Initially, the concept of writing a daily post seemed a bit daunting. What do I write about? How much do I write? What do I want to share? I wonder if anybody is actually going to read it?? Being new to this, they’re still questions I find I keep asking myself when approaching each blog. I half expected it to be hard, but it’s actually quite easy.

The posts don’t all have to be a full-blown essay or be of a specific word count unlike NaNoWriMo, but I’ve found that once I start a topic, I just keep typing and let all the thoughts in my strange and complicated brain flow through my fingertips and onto the screen. And at the end of the day, the only person I’m doing this for is myself.

Nobody else.

Just me.

I’ve also decided to do daily post challenges from WordPress’ own The Daily Post, just for more topics to write about and stimulate my blogging urges. I find it rather easy to just waffle on about most things… and then head off on tangents hehehe. 

At the end of November, it’ll be interesting to go back over all my posts and re-read some of the entries in here. No doubt some of them will be a bit cringe-worthy, but it’s all part of the process I guess. And for me, right now, it’s all a learning process.

3 thoughts on “Day 6 – Daily Blogging

  1. I’m finding it easier than I initially expected too, even though I’m losing sleep. But I’m a night owl anyway. SMH. I find that I’m sharing more, versus being reserved and hesitant – because I know I have to post something and I’m happy that I’m getting more views than usual. Good luck!

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