Day 8 – Five Items In My Fridge

Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.

 1. Sanitarium ‘Up & Go’

Just in case I hadn’t mentioned this previously, I think I need to go on the record as publicly stating that I am not a morning person!! Having battled chronic fatigue for a number of years, as well as depression, I will quite happily admit that I love to sleep. I love it. no, really, it’s like my version of heroin. I can’t get enough of it. Herein lies the sweet, sweet irony – I’m also a massive night owl. So, as much as I enjoy staying up late, I also love to sleep? I think in a perfect world, I could spend everyday sleeping until about 11 and then have breakfast around midday, work until 9:30pm like I currently do, then go home and rather than have dinner, have some tea and toast, and go straight to bed.


Now, given that most days I’d rather stab myself with a fork,than force myself out of bed at 7am (or worse, earlier!), having to get up and get ready for work is quite a chore, and usually doesn’t leave me time for breakfast, well, not that I’m much of a breakfast person anyway, but having breakfast jeopardises whether or not I make my bus, and if I miss it, then the next one isn’t for another 20mins,mane that would result in me being late for work. we can’t have that now, can we! So usually as I’m racing out the door, I grab myself an Up & Go and practically inhale it as I head over to the bus. Unfortunately, more often than not, just as I finish it, I have to sprint down the road to catch the bus.

Have you ever run anywhere with a belly full of milk?? Not exactly the greatest feeling in the world. More so if you’re me, and you don’t run. Don’t / can’t – it’s a fine line.

2. Sour Cream

Now, sour cream is one of those condiments (?) that I can’t seem to live without. ESPECIALLY when it’s paired with sweet chilli sauce. OMG so good to me. Hulk and I tend to eat a lot of chicken, and sometimes it’s really nice when it’s got sweet chilli sauce and sour cream on top. Or for when we have nachos. Or roast potatoes. Or croquettes. Or wedges. You get the idea.

DAMN IT!! Now I want wedges.

3. Big M Chocolate Milk

About 2 weeks ago, I was at the supermarket on my lunch break at work, buying my 400 tins of tinned tuna, okay, so that’s a slight exaggeration, it was only 10. What? I eat 2 tins of tuna each day for lunch. Don’t judge me! Anyway, so I was feeling like something, I just couldn’t work out what that something was. Then I saw it. Chocolate-mint chocolate milk. It was my favourite things all combined into a milky drink. Oh the delicious, delicious heaven!! 2 weeks later, it’s still sitting in the fridge. And now it’s expired, and it’s still sitting there. I must remember to throw it out tonight when I get home from work!! I am determined to try it though, it just sounds so good… But if only they could make flavored milk that didn’t give you that gross bloated feeling afterwards. And don’t any of you bitches even think about suggesting ANYTHING soy-based, or I’ll reach through the screen and bitch-slap you faster than you can say ‘vegan’. If I wanted something that tasted like arse, then I’d… …moving right along…

4. Almond Milk

Ahh yes, almond milk. So, before you vegan soy-loving bitches start at me for dissing soy milk, I’m sorry! but almond milk has you over a barrel in the taste department. Now, I’m not going to exactly start my morning with a tall glass of almond milk either, but I do, on occasion, tend to have an urge to make a berry smoothie in the morning for breakfast – y’know, before I then guzzle it and run my jiggly self down the road to the bus… and when Hulk and I were looking for milk-alternatives, we decided to try almond milk, and it’s actually quite nice, well, in a smoothie it is. I usually have blueberries, cacao powder and, if we have it, chia seeds and LSA mix. I know what you’re thinking, ‘but that’s so healthy, especially for you and well,you’re right, but like I said, sometimes I have these urges. They may be far and few between, but they do happen.

5. Capsicum

I was never really into vegetables when I was younger. Let’s face it, no kids are running home after dinner telling their parents, ‘gee wizz, mom and pop, I could sure go for a great big plate of vegetables for dinner, why that would just be swell‘, oh, and also because it’s not the 50’s. It wasn’t until I started dating Hulk and he became the dinner chef that I truly discovered how much I like raw capsicum. I think because it’s sweet and crunchy, I like it even more, plus, it’s vegetables. Vegetables are good for you… Or so I’m told, anyway. You can’t always believe everything you’re told.


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