Dec 2 – December NaBloPoMo

Do you think you’re more or less likely to complete December’s NaBloPoMo?  Why?

Having only completed last month’s NaBlahBlahBlah (this is what I now call it) challenge, I must say I actually learnt a lot. I’ve learnt that I’m very time-poor. I’ve learnt that I need to really work on my writing. I’ve learnt that although I’m not actually writing for mass exposure of my blog, or my writing, I get excited when I see somebody has commented, or liked a post, or even better, followed my blog. I’ve also learnt that some people who want to follow my blog aren’t necessarily the people who I would think would even be remotely interested in what I have to say.

December is going to really challenge me. It’s the last month of the year, and already life is getting busier and busier. I’ve already got less time as it is, and I haven’t even started christmas shopping yet. That’s going to take out even more time from my day. :-S

If I manage to survive it through NaBlahBlahBlah this month, it’ll be quite a surprise, but I’m not going to claim defeat just yet. I really should have just stuck to only one writing challenge per month. Two seems to be a bit more challenging.

here goes!!


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