Dec 3 – Glass Half Full??

Do you see the glass as half full or half empty?

For most of my life, I never really understood what this meant. Half full? Half empty? Who cares JUST FINISH YOUR DAMN DRINK AND STOP COMPLAINNG!! but apparently it’s all about perception. It’s meant to be a judge of character and how you look at life. If anything, I just put this in the same category of those pictures – the ones where you have a picture of a lake but some people can also see a face or whatever. It’s all the left-brain, right-brain stuff.

…is that Alfred Hitchcock?

I couldn’t actually find the lake with a face image I wanted, but I found this one instead:

do you see the baby?

But in terms of half empty etc. I think my view changes depending on my mood. If I’m getting up at sunrise and feeling awesome about winning at life and loving everybody for completely filling my FB newsfeed with inspirational quotes and positive affirmations, then of course it’ll be half full. (or do I mean half empty??)

Alternatively, if I’m being forced out of bed and really can’t be arsed facing the outside world, and seeing a news feed full of motivational bullshit throws me into a table-flipping rage (a-la Teresa Giudice from RHONJ), then yeah, you guessed it, that glass is half-empty…

…And if it doesn’t get filled up, I’m gonna throw that damn glass across the kitchen!!

I’m not one or the other on this like most other people, I’m both and I’m neither.

Truth be told, the reality is, every single time somebody mentions that, my mind IMMEDIATELY thinks of Cadbury’s ‘Glass and a half’ advertising / marketing for their Dairy Milk chocolate. No, seriously, E V E R Y T I M E ! ! !

Awesome. Now I just want chocolate!!


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