Dec 9 – Banished

If you could banish one thing from this earth — tangible or intangible — what would it be?


Easy. Stupid people.

So, over the years, I’ve always wondered what is wrong with people in general. Why are they so stupid? What has happened to the concept and daily practice of common sense because it just doesn’t seem to exist.  At all.

Now, before you go getting your knickers all twisted, I’m not saying that every. single. person. is fucking retarted, just society in general. I’m talking about the people that I fondly refer to as fucktards. The people who will walk into a ground floor office and ask something profound like, ‘is this the second floor?’ I don’t know, moron, how many flights of stairs did you just walk up?

Or the people who decide to think that by closing their eyes on public transport, they are magically invisible and people can get get past them, when in fact, they’re standing in the middle of the stairwell blocking everybody from getting on or off.

Or those out there who think it’s a genius idea to stop their car in the middle of an intersection, and then block ALL traffic. Bitch, if you can see that the car in front of you didn’t make it through the intersection, what the fuck makes you think that you’re going to get through??


Most of the time this (see above picture) happens to me when I’m on my way to work, and more than likely, I’m also running late. So naturally, I’m already on edge. When the bus (that I take to catch the train to the city) ends up in that kind of delay because of some retard who doesn’t remember how to drive, all I want to see is something along the lines of…

Let’s face it, I could go on and on for hours about all the different types of stupid people that are running rampant in society and need to be detained… (hmmm, that gives me an idea for a future post), but I’m kinda already started to chronicle my conversations with them. I’m going to be starting a new blog called The Fucktard Diaries which will be up and running VERY soon.

Sometimes I wish I could have a taser and just taser them, but apparently some genius made that illegal! probably somebody who needs to be tasered themselves!

Sometimes I wish that it was possible to report stupid people to some kind of authority and have them removed and taken somewhere like The Island but have them injected with a dose of common sense and intellect  and then released back into society and properly functioning individual.

“I mean why not just have a stupidity tax? Just tax the stupid people!”

*sighI do love me a bit of Ab Fab.
So to all the stupid people out there, thankyou for making my life a daily fucking nightmare. How you manage to get from A to B each day is utterly mind-boggling. How you manage to function after you walk out your front door completely baffles me.

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