Dec 19: Donation

What was the last donation you made?

Just recently at work we received the name of the person we have for Kris Kringle (KK). I think, generally, there’s usually like a $10 – $20 limit on the gifts, and they’re usually something small, or a novelty gift, or if you work here, a bottle of wine.

I thought that I’d do something different this year, and rather than buy my KK something useless, I bought them something from Oxfam Unwrapped instead.

I bought a duck.

well… not THAT duck…

It was $30, and $26 of that is considered a donation to Oxfam which is then tax deductible – so it’s a win-win situation – I buy some family in Bangladesh a duck, and I get to make a charitable donation at the same time.

And well it’s Christmas, and it’s the season of giving.

2 thoughts on “Dec 19: Donation

  1. Excellent idea. I’ve bought goats in the past. The suggestion was that we send a card to the person on whose behalf we had purchased the goats to let them know the money for their gift had gone elsewhere. However, we weren’t game enough to let family members know that we’d bought goats for people who were in actual need. It is such a great idea. Love the duck 🙂

    • I think its a fantastic opportunity to help out those who are less fortunate, and besides, Christmas is all about the spirit of giving, right? Sometimes it’s actually a good thing to just say ‘you know what, this person doesn’t actually NEED anything this year, they’ve already got enough, (or they’re getting enough gifts from other people), and if they’re supporters of social justice, then they should be fine with it – they just need to look at the bigger picture. It’s doing something that will actually make a difference to somebody’s life, rather than expanding somebody elses video game collection, or iTunes credit etc.

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