Jan 9: Pressure Points

A pressure point translates in Japanese to “tender spot.” What are your pressure points?

I’m not sure if it’s a case of me having too many pressure points, or if it’s more a case of just having so many that they basically all just roll into one giant pressure point.

My number one trigger is stupidity and stupid people. Because I have absolutely zero tolerance for stupidity, I can quite easily find myself in a table-flipping rage over the most minor issue.

The smallest things can set me off, as I’m aware that I can be a bit demanding at times. And by demanding, I mean expecting people to be able to function as a human being and being able to get from A to B without having some kind of complete intellectual breakdown.

For example, if you walk off the footpath into our reception area and you ask me if you’re suddenly on the second floor…. I’m going to want to punch you in the mouth. Did you take an elevator anywhere? No?! Did you go on an escalator ride at all? Oh, no again?! Did you, by chance, walk up a couple of flights of stairs?? Oh, you didn’t?? THEN GUESS WHAT, GENIUS, YOU’RE NOT ON THE SECOND FLOOR!!!

I also find I get really frustrated when people either don’t listen to what I’m saying, or don’t understand what I’m saying… or both.

Sometimes it makes me think that I’m speaking in some kind of strange foreign language that only I seem to be able to understand… but I feel as though I’m explaining myself as simply and clearly as I can in order for the other person to understand… but when I have to do so three or four times because they’re just not getting it, that’s when I’d rather just throw my hands up and walk away.

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