Feb 7: Show Me Fridays

Show Me Fridays: upload an image to your blog (with or without words) of your most prized possession.

I wasn’t unite sure about this one – there are a number of things that I could have easily shown – my laptop, my iPad, my wall of DVDs and games, my playstation, my stand mixer, my cookbook collection etc etc, but I put some more thought into it and I realised these can all be easily replaced.

So instead, here’s a photo of my true prized possession:


awesome. A box

Perhaps, but to me it’s what’s in the box that’s what counts. It’s probably half full of generic crap (that I really should just throw out) but the rest of it is all stuff that simply cannot be replaced.

It’s where I keep my photos; it’s where I keep my letters from my mum; it’s where I have a collection of short stories I wrote when I was a kid… Just small things that are worthless, but to me they are priceless. Things that I cannot bear to throw out.


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