200th Post!!

I’m really quite surprised that I’ve managed to make 200 posts already!! It feels like it was ages ago that I embarked on this daily writing challenge, and although I’ve managed to write 200 posts so far, it certainly hasn’t been a daily task which is disappointing.

Given that I work two jobs, it’s hard to find the time during the day to write a post, let alone two, and so quite often I find myself with a backlog of 5 or 6 posts to complete which is frustrating, because I haven’t had time to work on any of them. Even now, I’ve got 3 or 4 that need to be finished.

I still haven’t managed to work out a schedule that works for me. I should allocate myself an hour in the morning when I wake up, but then I’d have to wake up earlier.

I could allocate myself an hour at the end of the night, but then my husband gets upset and feels neglected when I don’t go to bed with him, which in turn makes me feel like a jerk because I’m choosing to write instead of go to bed with Hulk.

Then of course there’s my lunchtime during the day, but that’s reserved for eating and sometimes having a massage at the little Chinese place down the road.

Who’d have thought that writing two posts each day was going to be such an effort. But then again, when I get onto a topic and start writing, sometimes it ends up being a few thousand words which I don’t anticipate and sometimes, those kind of posts can take me quite a few hours to write, and by the end of it, I’m completely exhausted.

Could you imagine if every post I wrote was like that?? I’d never get on top of all my posts. But at the same time, I could have also managed to write a novel.

I really wish WordPress had something in their stats page that have you a total word count for every post you have on your blog. I’d love to know how many words be written so far in my 200 posts.

Oh, and if the people at WordPress are reading this…. hint hint!!


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