Daily Prompt: Our House

What are the earliest memories of the place you lived in as a child? Describe your house. What did it look like? How did it smell? What did it sound like? Was it quiet like a library, or full of the noise of life? Tell us all about it, in as much detail as you can recall.

The earliest memories I have of a place we lived in, was when my parents and I lived in a flat in a suburb called Kooringal. I think it was a two-storey place, and I remember that it was on a hill. It had a very steep driveway, and across from all the flats, was where all the cars parked, and it was just a basic tin roof, with some support poles.

From memory I was probably only two or three. I remember sitting in the washing basket full of stuffed toys, and watching television. The truth was, according to my mother, that when I was a baby, I used to cry and grizzle and carry on during the actual show, but when the ads came on, I’d be silent and actually watch what was on tv. Mum soon realised what was happening, and then recorded a 3hrs VHS tape of just commercials, so whenever she wanted to get some housework done, or have a nap, she’d put the video on, and I’d be quiet the whole time.

I remember finding out about this when I was a young adult and realised that this explains so much of my personality, and part of the reason why I am the way I am. It’s all her fault. *LOL*

I also remember at the bottom of the driveway, there was all this ‘growth’. Weeds, trees, palms, grass… I remember it being quite long and thick, and there was some kind of waterway, like a run-off channel – but we thought it was a creek. I also remember there was a tree that had fallen across this channel, and I remember being led across to the other side, and feeling as though I was a long, long way from home, because I couldn’t see the flats anymore.

…I also remember my mother completely flipping out about me disappearing. Needless to say it never happened again.


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