Mar 4: Writing Voices

How is your writing voice like you? How does your writing voice differ from you?.


I find that when I’m writing, I write in a few different voices… which are all essentially me. I write the way I would say things; I write the way I would like to say things; I write the way I would would like to read things; and I write the way the voices in my head tell me to write.

In saying that though, the voices in my head are all me, I think they’re more tonal representations of my different emotions. I would just like to make a point right now that when I say ‘voices in my head’ I don’t mean, like, several different people or personalities – I’m not fucking crazy.

My writing voice is very, real I guess. I write things how I see it. I write how I feel. I’m just honest. I will say though, that when I do write and incorporate characters and dialogue, I actually visualise that character in my head – what they look like, what they’re wearing, what they sound like… all those characteristics. But it gets a bit confusing when I get into a creative flow; when I get ‘in the zone’ and I just write without really paying too much attention to detail. I find that I see a ‘scene’ in my head, kind of like a movie, but I then feel rushed to write it all down as fast as I can, so then my visual can progress to the next ‘scene’.

I’m a bit weird like that.

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