Daily Prompt: The Great Pretender

Are you full of confidence or have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome? Tell us all about it.



Well, after consulting the Wiki link and reading about Impostor Syndrome which I’d never even heard of, I can identify with a number of the traits that are explained in the article… But I would have never entertained the idea of labelling myself as having that ‘condition’.

I wouldn’t say that I’m the sort of person who exudes confidence all the time, in everything I do – but there are certain facets of my life that I know that I’m good at, and excel at, but even in saying that, it’s a quiet confidence. I’m far too humble to walk around thinking that I’m the best at everything. That’s the type of quality that I absolutely cannot stand in other people. I cannot stand arrogance, and I certainly cannot be around that sort of person… Or their ego.


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