Apr 4 – Kiddie Lies

If you have children, what lies have you told your own children?  Do you think it’s okay as an adult to lie to someone else’s child?

Let me just go on the record (again) by saying that I have no intention on having children, therefore I’ll never find myself in a position to be lying to my own child.

As an adult, I think that there’s no real harm in lying to a child, depending of course, on how old that child is. If they’re old enough to know better, then it’s a completely different story. If they’re simply too young, then why not… go for it.

Now before all the politically correct parents out there start bombarding me with a multitude of ‘how dare you’ style comments, how many kids do you know still believe in things like the Tooth Fairy, Santa and the Easter Bunny?? Clearly their parents have continued to lie to them about these the whole time, but nobody seems to really care too much about that.

But if the same parents lie to them about something else, then people are all up in arms because of the audacity for a parent to lie to their own child.

…double standard, much?

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