Apr 10: Scandalous Society

F.H. Bradley said, “There are persons who, when they cease to shock us, cease to interest us.”  Do we live in a society that needs scandal?

Of course society needs scandal. Whether people admit it or not, society generally has a secret love for a scandal, especially if that scandal involve celebrities. We’re fixated on the celebrity life. Some people have a resentment towards them simply because they believe that celebrities walk around in their own little bubble, thinking that they’re better than everybody else, so when they’re involved in something scandalous, these people revel in it, seeing it as just desserts or karma for their own arrogance.

Then there’s the media – where would all the gossip magazines be without constant scandal… Or in some cases, complete fabrication of a scandal, just for the sole purpose of selling more copies. Without scandal, they simply wouldn’t exist because they would have nothing to print.

Then there are the celebrities themselves. How many times have you heard a celebrity tell the paparazzi to leave them alone? Even just the act of doing that can be spun into a story about how that person had a complete outburst at a photographer or reporter and BOOM!! there’s their next story. Somebody call TMZ!! Personally, I believe that if a celebrity didn’t want to be in the public spotlight so much, they’d just have to be really boring in order for the media to stop drawing focus on them. But even in saying that, so many paparazzi would be more than happy to document every step you take whilst you do completely mundane activities, like dropping off your dry cleaning, getting a manicure, going to Starbucks etc. But even then, a simple photograph of a celebrity getting a latte can be spun into anything.


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