Apr 21: Social Media Scandal

Have you ever had an Internet scandal or drama play out over social media?

No, I’m not that much of an attention whore. I remember when Hulk and I first began dating and we both changed out ‘status’ to ‘In A Relationship’ which was the mark that things were serious between us, and one day, he had accidentally changed his stats, and it said single, and within minutes of that happening, I had an influx of messages asking if I was okay. I hadn’t actually seen any of this, because I was at a conference, and walked out on a break to all these messages saying ‘I’m so sorry to hear about you guys’, or ‘I just saw your relationship status change to ‘Single’, what happened, do you need to talk?’ etc etc.

I was so confused, and checked Facebook and saw it for myself. I messaged Hulk immediately to ask him what was going on, and he didn’t even realise what had happened.

Other than that, I’ve never had anything scandalous occur on social media. My view is that anything of a personal nature really doesn’t need to be broadcast out to the world for anybody and everybody to see. If it’s something that’s happening between two people, it should remain between those two people. I would like to think that if Hulk and I ever broke up, it wouldn’t be plastered all over Facebook, instead, we’d just keep it between us only.

However, if we did breakup and he started to publicly badmouth me over social media… then it’d be on, and I’d go out of my way to destroy him!!

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