Apr 23 – Comment: DELETED

Have you ever deleted a comment?  Tell us about it.

I’m regularly finding myself deleting comments online.

The most common reason for me doing this is because I forget to apply my filter whenever I write a comment, and instead just write whatever I’m thinking, completely disregarding how offensive or scathing it might be. Then once I’ve actually written it, I’ll stop and re-read it a few times, and realise that it could probably be worded in a much nicer way, and then I’ll go back and generally edit the comment.

However, sometimes there are situations where I find that regardless of what I really want to say, there just isn’t a pleasant way of saying it, so instead, I’ll delete my comment and walk away from it. My problem is that when it comes to social media, I’m quite an easy target in that somebody will write something and it really doesn’t take much for me to throw my opinion in the ring.

Just recently I posted a comment in response to somebody’s Facebook status, and realised that it was actually quite nasty and thought that I should probably re-word it instead.

I didn’t. I just deleted it instead. I realised that this person doesn’t necessarily have much of a role in my day to day life, and I didn’t necessarily understand why I even had them on my friend-list on Facebook. What was the purpose of having them as a ‘friend’ when the reality is that we’re not actually friends at all… so I thought it was just easier not to even engage with this person, because it would just show them that I still actually have an opinion about what they do or say, and that I care about what they do or say, when in fact I actually don’t.

I’m now finding myself contemplating doing a complete overhaul of my friends list, just so I can ‘trim the fat’ of the people who I don’t necessarily feel I need on my friends list, and keep it more… personal.

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