Daily Prompt – Showdown at Big Sky

How do you handle conflict? Boldly and directly? Or, do you prefer a more subtle approach?

I’m one of those people whose bark is worse than their bite… I tend to talk a big game, but don’t necessarily have the follow-through to back it up.

If anything, I’m more like a pussycat – I avoid conflict as much as humanly possible, because I can’t handle it too well… unless I’m pretty pissed off about something and ready to tear into somebody that I don’t necessarily know… then I’ll tear them to shreds.

In terms of conflict with my co-workers however… whole different scenario. There’s currently one co-worker in particular who keeps pushing me and pushing me towards breaking point. Because this person is older than I am, I think they feel as though they’re entitled to ‘micro manage’ me, and they have a tendency to continually ‘talk-down’ to me whenever they speak to me. Evidently, this person doesn’t necessarily seem to be altogether, mentally speaking, and I think that that’s the only reason I haven’t completely exploded and ripped their face off.

This person is so completely frustrating, and as time goes on, they are simply refusing to do less and less of what they’re employed to do, and although a number of other co-workers are aware of this situation, nobody is prepared to actually address these issues, simply because they’re too scared as to what the reaction will be. This person seems to be quite emotionally unstable and therefore quite unpredictable – you never know how they are going to react. Sometimes they’re fine, sometimes they’re so far from fine.

For me I find it so frustrating because I want to bring it to their attention how their actions and behaviour is affecting me in such a negative way, however, how do you have a discussion with somebody who’s completely irrational??

It’s kinda like when I have issues with Hulk. He’s sooooooo black and white about everything, and sometimes it’s just easier to roll your eyes and simply let it go rather than engaging in an argument with him, because he’s far too stubborn to admit or accept when he’s wrong. Don’t get me wrong, it does happen, but it’s such a rarity. Instead I just let it go, walk off and stop speaking to him for a little bit, and sit there screaming inside my head until I’ve calmed down. It’s worse when you’re in a situation like that, and both parties know how to really hold a grudge. *lol*

I’ve also found that even with other people in our social circles, I’ll find out that they’re talking about me to other people, and yes, I could call them out on it, but to be honest, I just can’t be fucking bothered. These people don’t even register on my radar, so the fact that they’re going out of their way to gossip about me says quite a lot about the sort of people they are. I’m really channeling my 70year old grumpy-old-man here, but I’d much rather just keep my distance from most people, except for a very select group of close friends, and just be by myself doing my own thing.

Antisocial, much?


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