Post #300

Time to take a moment and give myself a little pat on the back, as this is the 300th post that I’ve written!

I can’t believe that I’ve managed to make it to 300 posts already. I remember when I first started this venture, the thought of even writing 100 posts seemed to be quite daunting, and then all of a sudden, I passed that, and was on my way to 150.

Granted, I’m writing this knowing that I still have a backlog of about seven or eight posts that I still need to complete in order to bring myself up to date, but at least then, I’ll be on my way toward my 400th post… even THAT seems to be quite a way off.

…but I know that I’d love to just spend my days writing and writing. I’m looking forward to ‘catching up’ so then whenever I come across a prompt that inspires my creativity, I can completely throw myself behind that post and just write and write and write, instead of stressing about catching up all the time, or having to spend an entire week smashing out 20+ posts.

…who’s stupid idea was it to take on two posts per day… oh right, mine.



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