Daily Prompt – The Wanderer

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO!


I’ve always wanted to go to New York. There’s just something about it that seems so enticing. The epicentre of the entire world… it’s the one place I really want to see before I die. Sometimes I just think about dropping everything, packing a bag and taking off, god knows I’ve got enough frequent flyer points for a return trip – so that’s a cost that I really don’t need to worry about… all I need to focus on is accommodation and a truck load of cash for the real reason I want to go to New York….

I would love nothing more than to go to NY for at least two weeks and then go and see every. single. show. that is currently playing. My love for musical theatre may be so undeniably cliched, but i really don’t care. I just love it. I discovered musicals later in life, and it was love at first… overture.


I think that it’s only fitting that if I’m going to NY then I should go to LA as well. Simply because it’s kinda like the lesser (but gayer) sibling of NY. It’s the epicentre of television and movies, with production studios all over the place – not to mention The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills.

I think that if / when I do manage to go to LA, I’d go full tourist. I’d go on the lot tours, I’d do the Beverley Hills houses tour, I’d go and check out as many show tapings as possible – especially Ellen and Chelsea Lately.


New Zealand is one of those countries that I’ve always wanted to explore. I’ve been there a few times now, however I’ve only ever seen Auckland, and even then, it’s only been Auckland city (and the Auckland Zoo!) but I’ve never had an opportunity to actually travel around the country. Several people I know keep telling me that I have to go here and there and I have to see this, and this and this, but I actually get quite envious when they talk about it, because they’ve already experienced it, and I want to be able to experience it for myself, rather than get excited over a story somebody else is telling me.

…plus I really want to go and see Hobbiton!!


Thailand is one of those countries that has always fascinated me. It’s an ancient country rich in culture and religion (well, a more acceptable religion as opposed to other religions that are made out to just be full of hatred). My understanding is that it’s a great place to visit as the people are generally incredibly hospitable. Thai cuisine is so vast, amazing and full of incredible flavours, and to be able to experience street food everywhere you go is something I would love to be able to indulge in, every meal of the day… multiple times per day… just without the weight gain.

The other reason I’d want to go to Thailand is simply because of that image. Nothing would please me more than a two-week holiday to a resort somewhere that looked like THAT!! Somewhere where I can spend all day sleeping in the sun, eating myself senseless, and having massages two or three times a day.


One of my ultimate places to visit before I die, the Maldives is one of those places that I simply cannot even believe actually exists! It just seems so surreal. I haven never actually looked into going there, hell, I don’t even really know where it is… and based purely on that fact alone, I can just imagine it would cost an absolute FORTUNE to go there…

…but it’s JUST. SO. PURDY!! I think if I ever have a complete emotional breakdown, I’d sell everything I had and move there to recover… permanently.



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