Apr 30 – Detractors

Do you turn away or face your detractors?

“Haters gon’ hate”

I think generally speaking, I turn away from the haters. I know there are a couple of key people out there who are genuine haters, and I know that they try and recruit others to their ’cause’, if you will, but in saying that those people aren’t actually of any significance in my life, so I kind of don’t really give a fuck as to what they say about me.

Yes, I have had moments where I’ve contemplated sitting down with one or two of them and literally just asking them why do you fucking hate me so much? Why do you keep talking shit about me? But the reality is that would just be akin to throwing petrol on a fire, and it’s just too much drama to be wasting my time on.

I just can’t be bothered with these basic bitches.

Admittedly, I’m equally as guilty as being their haters, well, not necessarily ALL of them, but a select one or two – the main perpetrators, really… and I’m sure that I’m just as insignificant to them, as they are to me…

…but yet why do we feel the need to keep hating on each other? If we’re more like enemies than friends, why do we even care what the other thinks? Why does it even matter? Why can’t we just let it go and be done with it? Why can’t we just be like ‘I don’t like you, you don’t like me, why can’t we just agree to leave each other alone??’

…probably because that requires effort that neither of us would want to make.

The one thing that REALLY pisses me off though, is when any of my haters pretends to be friends. You know the type – they see you and act as though you’re really good friends and they try and create conversation, but really, you just see through it all and see them for the fake person they really are.

Fake as press-on nails, bitch! That’s what I cannot stand.

If any of my close friends was gonna be a hater, then that’s a whole different story. I’d certainly say something to them and that would give us an opportunity to at least talk it out with each other and try to clear the air, but if they’re too stubborn to at least meet me half way, then I probably couldn’t be friends with them.

What do you think? Do you think it’s easier to confront your haters, or just let it go? Should I at least put in some effort to call them out on their behaviour and get it out in the open and agree to at least be civil to each other? God, just thinking about it makes it sound so juvenile, which makes me hate the idea even more.

2 thoughts on “Apr 30 – Detractors

  1. I agree with you. I think there will always be haters such is life. It isn’t worth your time or effort to deal with those scumbags. However as for close friends yes that is always a different story and really depends on the situation in the first place. If the friendship really means something to you both then you gotta find a way to sort that shit out.

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