Daily Prompt – Reason To Believe

In Reason to Believe, Bruce Springsteen sings, “At the end of every hard-earned day / people find some reason to believe.” What’s your reason to believe?

…what am I believing in, exactly??

…and who’s to say that I actually believe in anything??

Have you been watching too many Disney movies. You just watched Frozen, didn’t you. You can tell. Because whenever somebody watches a movie like that, they walk away with a whole new outlook on life that’s all sunshine and puppies and rainbows; where every Princess finds her Prince Charming, and they live happily ever after.

Sorry. Not this Princess.

I’m not sure what I believe in, let alone if I even believe in anything.

Maybe I’m just too jaded? Maybe I’m just too guarded? Maybe my spirit is just far too broken?


1 thought on “Daily Prompt – Reason To Believe

  1. I was trying to come up with something that you could believe in… I couldn’t think of anything and then out of no where, I had a haunting 90s flashback to this…

    I’m sorry if you end up singing this all day. It’s awful (yet brilliant) 😉

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