Daily Prompt – Ring Of Fire

Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

Aahaahahahha… Ring of fire… so wrong.

I always avoided spicy food, not because of that, but simply for the fact that I just couldn’t handle the feeling of my mouth being on fire. When I was younger I simply couldn’t handle anything spicy… regardless of whether it was chilli, or even just something like cayenne pepper or even just regular pepper – I simply couldn’t handle it. And every time I had something spicy, I always tried to use water to get rid of the heat. I never knew that I should have tried something like Milk instead to dull the heat.

As for the experience of a ring of fire… well, we’ve ALL experienced that at some point in our lives… and perhaps that is why I avoid really spicy foods as much as possible.

As I’ve gotten older, I discovered pepper and spice again, but realised that any spicy food I have, it only ever mild or maybe medium, however, I have been caught out several times ordering something mild or medium, and after the first bite, it turns out to be like just eating pure fire, and even if I’ve had to spit it out, it feels like third-degree burns all through my mouth that simply cannot be dulled and lasts for quite a while.

In saying that though, I think the more exposure I’ve had to spicy foods has helped to improve my limits of what I can and cannot tolerate. I think that if you gradually expose yourself to spicy foods slowly, and slowly increase the heat, you build up a bit of a tolerance to it… but even then, there are some degrees of heat that I simply cannot handle.



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