Daily Prompt – Worst Case Scenario

Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?

This isn’t really an open ended question. The ultimate answer to the first part of this prompt, I would assume, would be death. The worst thing that could happen today is that I, or somebody I love, could die.

Initially, I was going to write something along the lines of how something as simple as me sleeping in, will set off an entire unpredictable chain reaction of events – stuff like missing the bus, then getting caught in the rain, only for the bus to then break down, then having to walk in the rain to the train station, only to find that the trains are delayed, and after waiting for 40mins, all train services get cancelled, then I’d have to catch a bus into the city, which would then get stuck in traffic, and I’d end up incredibly late to work, and I’d be drenched without a change of clothes, only to then get called into a meeting with management about being late and issued with a formal warning, then getting out of that meeting to discover that something I’m working on completely falls apart, and the unstable co-worker  pushes me just that bit too far that I completely lose it and erupt into this fireball of pure rage, resulting in me losing my mind at her and telling het exactly how I and a number of co-workers feel about her, which then leads to another disciplinary meeting and me being suspended from work, without pay, pending a further investigation, only to then get home and have Hulk have no sympathy for me whatsoever, and breaks up with me, giving me a week to find another place to live, whilst firing me from my job at his company.

THAT, would be something along the lines as to what I would consider the absolute worst case scenario, but even as bad as that is, the only worse scenario would be if I were to die. Or Hulk were to die, or somebody else that I love were to die.

Meanwhile, as for the best case scenario, hmmm… that would involve something good actually happening to me. Who knows, maybe something like being approached to write something for Huff. Post, or maybe having the unstable co-worker finally having their own meeting with management about their behaviour, resulting in my role being changed significantly for the better. It could even be as simple as just being able to get to work without any dramas or delays. It could even be taking a month or three off work so I can go and travel, or write, or play video games, or all the above.


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