May 5 – Personal Chef?

Would you ever want a personal chef, or do you enjoy cooking your own meals?

As it currently stands, I kinda do have a personal chef – Hulk does all the cooking in our household. However, when we have this discussion with people, I get this look from them as though they’re judging me because I don’t cook dinner, but I’m very quick to put those judgemental bitches back in their place by letting them know that if I weren’t getting home between 9:30 – 10pm each night, I’d be more than happy to be cooking dinner, and then that usually wipes that judgemental look right off their face.

So yeah, I kinda do have my own personal chef, but that’s purely circumstantial. Besides, Hulk is the one who prefers to cook the savoury, and I’m the one who prefers to cook the sweets. However, in saying that, Hulk does have a couple of extra trifles left over in the fridge, that he made last night which we’ll be finishing off tonight.

I think that if I lived alone, it would be interesting just to see what I would cook for myself now, because I’m so used to having dinner made for me. Before I met Hulk, I actually made myself some pretty damn good food – unlike a lot of people, I’m not completely hopeless when it comes to culinary creations, although having not cooked regularly for quite some time, it would be a bit of a challenge…

I think if I were in a financial position to be paying for a personal chef, I’d probably have incredibly high expectations as to what they actually prepare, but also how they present it. As you know, we also eat with our eyes, and it would need to also look incredibly appealing on the plate. That, in turn, could also lead to a joint venture of a food blog – Chef and I could create a food blog – they do the cooking and I do the photography and write-up… although now that I think about it, it would make people want to take Chef away from me, and well, we couldn’t have that happen, could we!!

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