May 8 – Favourite Cookbook

Tell us about your favourite cookbook.

That’s impossible. I don’t have a favourite cookbook – I treasure all of my cookbooks equally. Between the two of us, we have quite a collection of cookbooks, however, now that I think about it, we don’t actually cook from them… it’s more like just a bunch of books that fill the shelves of a bookcase in the kitchen… which is actually kinda sad and so very, very wrong.

All the cookbooks that I buy myself are all baking cookbooks. What I would love to do one day is sit down and actually cook my way through one of my books, and bake everything inside it. It’d be like that move Julie and Juliawhere she learns how to cook, by cooking every recipe in Julia Childs’ cookbook ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’, which is actually quite a feat to undertake… but she was at least able to give herself an entire year to do so. I think given my collection of cookbooks, it’d probably take me a few years to get through them all if I decided to cook every recipe they contained… and if they’re all cook books, then we’re talking about a truck load of cakes, pastries and desserts… I’d have to work out hard every single day.

Perhaps it might have the complete opposite effect on me – perhaps it might actually turn me off cake for good, because I’m constantly making it…??

I think I might need to go through my cookbooks and see what takes my fancy.

What do you think… should I challenge myself to pick a book and cook everything in it?? What should I bake first??

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