May 9 – Celebrity Chef

If you could have dinner with one celebrity chef whom would it be?

This is so hard because there are so many chefs that I absolutely adore.

Heston because he’s such a creative culinary genius, and he sees food in ways most people simply wouldn’t naturally perceive. Whenever the words ‘molecular gastronomy’ are thrown around, Heston’s name is usually part of the same sentence. He’s simply amazing.

Nigella because she’s not afraid of making foods using all the wrong ingredients – full-fat cream, butter, sugar etc. Nigella’s reputation for having such a descriptive vernacular almost overshadows what she’s making.

Jamie because he has managed to show busy people that you can create quick and healthy meals every night of the week in as little as fifteen minutes, which is amazing. Considering that society has such an unhealthy diet and everybody is so time-poor, it just goes to show that we can all afford to take fifteen minutes out of our day to create something delicious.

It’s Paula Deen, y’all!! One of the original favourites of mine… she’s got the reputation of butter, butter and more butter!! The queen of fried foods, and pretty much ANYTHING you can eat that is bad for you, this woman has made it, and made it the most wickedly delicious thing you could ever imagine putting in your mouth. *lol*. She comes across as being quite welcoming and ‘motherly’, and you know that she would be incredibly hospitable if you were to visit her.

There are many more that I could add to this list, honourable mention goes to Maggie Beer, Adriano Zumbo, Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris. Incredibly talented and down to earth chefs, well, except maybe for Zumbo – he’s just scary. They’re all people I’d love to meet.

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