May 14 – Unhealthy Eating

What makes you eat something unhealthy?

uuummm easy… weakness.

I can pretty strong when it comes to holding grudges. If I decide that I don’t want to associate with somebody, then I make sure that I avoid any and all social situations with them; block their calls / texts; stop replying to emails etc.

If I decide that I don’t like a tv show / movie, then I stop watching it, and refuse to watch it any more.

I can’t do that with food… it’s just so damn good to me. When I’m feeling hungry… food is there for me. When I’m feeling sad… food is there. When I’m feeling angry, or upset, or bored… food is and always has been there for me. In all it’s high-calorie, full-fat, cholesterol-inducing deliciousness. Laden with sugary goodness and in some cases, full of chemicals, I just can’t pull myself away from it. In saying that, I was so much worse years ago than what I am now, which is huge progress for me – me, the guy who had something called ‘The Oprah Box’ tucked away in a corner of a wardrobe, full of chocolate bars, lollies and packets of biscuits, and would quite easily eat at least half of the contents in one sitting… Shameful, I know, but those days are long behind me.

Now I just eat shit food because it’s convenient; it’s readily available everywhere you turn, and in a lot of cases, it’s a fuckload cheaper than eating healthy. Have you done a comparison between fresh vs. processed foods… it’s no wonder so many countries have a massive obesity epidemic!

Most of the time I eat unhealthy is because I just have cravings that I can’t satiate enough with ‘healthier’ alternatives. Sometimes my body just want’s a damn cupcake, or a packet of chips, or sometimes it just wants a BigMac, large fries, chicken nuggets, and a Coke Zero from Maccas on the way home from the gym… and there’s sure as hell no way fucking steamed veggies is going to do the trick!! The only problem with having a McDonalds binge is that afterwards you just feel like you’re dying and you just want to kill yourself. That’s what I call food karma – you know you shouldn’t have it, but you do anything, and then your body is all like¬†“well, you didn’t fucking¬†listen to me the first seven times I told you not to go there, so Imma fuck you up from the inside out, and make the rest of your night a living hell… mmmwwahahahahahahahaha!!!”

Fuck you, stomach! I’ll eat what I want! You’re not the boss of me!!

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