So, I’m not one for checking site stats or anything like that, and well, I completely ignore all the emails that I get from WordPress (they just go automatically into their own folder in my inbox), but I did notice something… a little notification that popped up on my screen congratulating me on getting 100 followers!! Naturally, I thought it was spam, and promptly ignored it.

However, then I actually took some time to view my site stats, and there it was,Ā 104 followers!! I don’t even know how that happened, or how you even stumbled across my blog in the first place, but so glad you decided to join me!

For most of you out there, you’re all probably rolling your eyes and scoffing at me, ‘pfft, 100 followers? I get 100 followers PER DAY, BITCH!!’ and that’s great for those of you who are able to achieve such interweb bloggy awesomeness like that. You obviously like the attention. *LOL*… just kidding.

For somebody like me, who didn’t actually start this blog with any intention of having followers, or people actually paying attention to anything that I write, finding myself with over 100 followers is a rather humbling achievement.

So for those of you who regularly read my verbal diarrhoea, thanks, and if you happened to have missed my latest 16,000 word creative piece, go and read it and tell me stuff.

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