6 June – Comments: CLOSED

Would you read a personal blog without a comment section? How do you feel when a comment section is closed?

I’m not even sure I’ve come across a blog that doesn’t have a comment section. I think that to see one would actually be quite weird, because here is this person, writing their blog, generally because they have a specific point of view they want to convey to their readers, but they don’t want people to comment on it.

I think it’s rather selfish to want to express one’s point of view for the whole internet to read, but not allow yourself up to commenting. Perhaps they’re not open to the concept of being criticised, but then if that’s the case, why even have a blog in the first place? I mean realistically, what’s the worst that could actually happen?? Somebody writes something that you don’t like? Easy! JUST DELETE THEIR COMMENT!! I’m all open arms for people to have an opinion on anything that I write. I make no apologies for anything that I say, and I’ve made it clear that whatever I post on my blog are the sole opinions of myself. I represent nobody else; I represent no organisation… just me. I’m not forcing anybody to read this blog, that’s something that YOU have chosen to do, therefore delving into unchartered territory. If you don’t like what I have to say, then you are entitled to your opinion, just as I am entitled to mine. Simple as that. Not allowing others to at least express their opinions on something that you have written

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