9 June – Bite Your Tongue

Are you good at holding your tongue, or do you need to say what is on your mind?

Oooohh… that’s a tough one. I’m very good at biting my tongue when I need to, but in doing so, my brain almost explodes from all the pent up rage, and everything that I really want to be saying to that person. Part of the problem is being so opinionated, and living in a world where I’m not meant to voice my opinion. Ever.

So, instead, I just keep voicing everything in my head instead, unless of course some fuckwit says / does the wrong thing, and then I snap. Then it’s fucking go time. And I mean go as in go for your mother-fucking THROAT!! I think it’s important to be able to voice your opinions, or at least voice how you’re feeling, especially if it’s the result of somebody else’s actions.

Unfortunately, when you tend to be quite outspoken, and you have a tendency to voice your opinions to other people, you generally tend to get into trouble… regularly. Moreso when you’re voicing your opinions to clients, either subtly pointing out how stupid they are, or putting them back in their place for taking their frustrations out me, instead of the person who caused their problem in the first place. Sorry bitches, but if you come for me, you better be prepared, because I’ll come right back at you.

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