Daily Prompt – Binding Judgement

Does it ever make sense to judge a book by its cover — literally or metaphorically? Tell us about a time you did, and whether that was a good decision or not.

Unfortunately I’m a serial offender in terms of judging a book by it’s cover. I think that it’s because I’ve been burnt too many times in the past, and because I’m such a guarded and judgemental person, even when I really try hard not to be. It’s so easy for me to just write people off, because history has generally shown that people tend to be just too fucking stupid for my liking, something which I’ve got no reservations in talking about.

Inevitably, I can’t help but assume the worst. So when it comes to people, especially new people, I generally don’t trust them, until I’ve gotten to know them a bit more, and they’ve shown that they don’t have some kind of hidden agenda. It can take a bit for me to like somebody, unless of course I click with them instantly over something completely ridiculous or random, and then I let all my walls down without hesitation. I don’t like feeling vulnerable, so as a result I keep pretty much everybody at arms-length.

A few years ago, there was a bit of a staffing change, and this person was brought on board. From the very beginning, and I’m talking, from the moment they walked through the front door for their INTERVIEW, this person gave me a really, really bad vibe. I couldn’t explain, I just didn’t like their energy (or their attitude for that matter), and somehow, they ended up getting hired for the role.

Since they came on board, we were like two bulls constantly butting heads. Everybody else was saying how wonderful it was to have them on board, with all these promises of work output and productivity etc, which never actually came to fruition. Nobody else could see what I saw in this person; nobody else could see this bad energy surrounding them, and all just thought that I was being melodramatic. As time passed, this person got more and more slack with their workload. I think that perhaps their ridiculously well-paid cushy job had finally gotten to their head, and they realised that essentially, they were just being paid a fuck-load of money for essentially doing practically nothing. Requests for them to have certain tasks done in order to meet deadlines was rarely ever met. Despite the complaints, nothing actually ever happened. That just drove me even more bonkers… why was everybody else turning a blind eye to this?! How is it that I was the only one vocal enough to point out this persons lack of work, or even work ethic?!

Slowly, but surely, more and more people started to see and understand what I had been talking about from the very beginning, and so FINALLY, with enough people taking notice, things were being said to the bosses, and this person actually started to toe the line… well, even suggesting that is still being overly generous. I think that when I say toe the line, I mean they actually started turning up to work on time… it was a start, I guess.

I still remember the day this person resigned. I don’t think that I’d ever been so incredibly filled with pure joy. So much joy, I went out and bought cake for the office in terms of celebrating the news. It was not a secret that I despised this person. I could not fucking stand them, so to see them leave was pure happiness.

It wasn’t until we replaced that person with somebody who actually has a work ethic, and was capable of, well, doing what was required of them, that they started to realise just how hopeless the previous employee was.

Nobody likes a gloat, and nobody likes to hear ‘I told you so’… but in this situation, I revelled in pointing out such a flaw to everybody, basically my way of saying ‘fuck you all for doubting me!’.





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