17 June: Masterpiece

Tell us about a comment you left that was a masterpiece.


There was a comment I wrote on Facebook once where I totally ripped into this person and put them back in their place for writing something quite offensive.

Without naming and shaking this guy, all I can say is that this guy was asking for it. He had made some ignorant and uninformed comment and I was actually more surprised that nobody had called him out on it. NOBODY!! So after a while of me yelling at my computer screen wondering why nobody else was addressing the issue, I thought ‘fuck this!’ And took matters into my own hand!

I went back through all his dumbass comments and began to address each and every one of them, pointing out every single flaw in his comments (as well as pointing out his spelling mistakes, because I’m such a grammar nazi!) and went on this massive rant.

Slowly, one by one, people started liking my comment, and then commenting below with words of support or encouragement etc, until this guy finally came back with ‘fuck you cunt!’. That was all he had to come back with, clearly realising he wasn’t going to win.

But just to be a bastard, I replied with, ‘I think you mean ‘fuck you, cunt!’ See what I did there lol!’ After that he hasn’t commented on anything since.

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