400 posts



OMG… 400 posts!! I’m kinda surprised that this has come around so quickly, but I love it!!

It’s been a real challenge to keep up with trying to post 2 posts each day and because work has been so busy, I’m finding that I end up writing a handful of posts all at once in order to catch up. Part of me has been tempted to just give up on the concept of post-a-day and switching to something like a post-a-week instead, but then I feel like somewhat of a failure because I’m giving up simply because the going got tough. I can’t let myself do that. I need to stick it out, even if it means sitting down on a Sunday afternoon and smashing out twelve posts all at once.

It’s not actually abiding by the concept of posting each individual day, but it’s better than bit posting at all.

Here’s to another 400 posts!!

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