18 June – It Grew From A Comment

If a comment is getting too long, do you turn it into a post on your own blog? Point us towards a post that grew out of leaving a comment.

I haven’t as such created a post that grew from a comment.

I have, however had a couple of posts that grew from a simple idea and that really snowballed out of control.

The first one that comes to mind, is one that I wrote a few months ago, <a href=”https://adorablyobnoxious.wordpress.com/2014/02/18/feb-17-eye-of-the-beholder/”>Eye Of The Beholder. It started as a simple prompt, but as I started writing I realised there were a number of points of view that should really be addressed and it became quite a long piece of writing.

I’ve written a number of rants over time which I feature will feature on my other blog once I actually find enough time to sit down and work on it… But because I haven’t really had any further experiences worth writing about, it just site there… Idle… Doing nothing…

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