23 June – Weighty Reviews

How much weight do you give reviews? Do you write reviews?


Generally, I’ll take reviews with a grain of salt, well, unless they’re all bad, and then I’ll steer clear.

My personal experience with reading reviews is that a lot of people don’t actually write adequate enough reviews. I usually read reviews when it comes to things like software and hardware for my computer because I use them to look for any potential issues.

So take a piece of software, for example. I’ll go to the App Store and read some reviews, and I always read the lowest rated ones first. But most of the time, they’re written by these basic bitches who can barely construct a sentence. So they might write a review warning everybody not to buy and download it because it wrecked their computer.

That in itself is enough for majority to stop and think ‘hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t buy this!’ And then consequently go looking for an alternate piece of software. What then happens is this person the. Gets questioned by somebody who knows what they’re talking about, and eventually it turns out that the software actually wasn’t the cause at all, it was the fact that their computer was riddled with viruses or they spilt coffee on their keyboard, or cancelled the installation before it had finished.

Then I get annoyed because these basic bitches have wasted my time and then read all the 5-star reviews… And even they can be hit and miss… Especially the ones that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual software in question (which tends to happen quite a lot, somehow! :-/ ) and I look for the ones who say something along the lines of ‘yes, awesome piece of software, but notice it uses a lot of excess RAM’, or ‘great software, but causes a conflict with x-brand hardware’ etc. those are least helpful so I can then check if it a common problem on their support forums, or if it’s perhaps isolated to one particular individual.

In terms of writing reviews, I don’t really write them, but when I do, I make sure that they are precise and I document my system specs and the version of the software I’m using as sometimes minor updates / patches can cause compatibility issues, requiring a further patch / update.

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