24 June – Up For Review

Do you tend to write more good or bad reviews? What moves you to write a review?

Generally I don’t write reviews, because they end up getting lost amongst all the other ‘reviews’ which are just wastes of time written by basic bitches.

For me to write a review, I generally need to have a good desire to do so, and even then, I’ll only write a review to point out something positive, if all the reviews are relatively negative.

The last review I wrote was for a programme that I downloaded online. All the reviews were for a much earlier version of the program, which seemed to have a lot of bugs in it, because all the reviews were relating to it, and talking about how bad it was. Nobody had actually posted a review about the current version, and how all the previous issues had been fixed. Since posting my review, it keeps getting positive ‘thumbs up’ hits from other people who have downloaded the same software.

Those are the types of reviews that I look for – the ones that other people have also found useful / helpful.

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