27 June – Freedom Of Speech

Do you strongly support freedom of speech? Do you think it should have limits?

I thoroughly support the notion of freedom of speech, it’s just that there are waaay too many people who abuse this freedom and really shouldn’t be saying anything because they’re so ridiculous.

I know that everybody has their opinion on any given topic, and that’s fine, I can respect that not everybody is going to have the same views that I do. I might not agree with it, but I at least try and see it from their point of view. Same goes with freedom of speech. Yes, everybody has the freedom of speech, but there are far too many people who abuse it.

Let’s, for a moment, shine a spotlight on something that I strongly support – marriage equality…. Or even just equality. Now, I’m not a religious person whatsoever. Personally, I believe that religion is ridiculous, and that all it does it segregate people and instil fear and hatred into people, who then feel compelled to preach to others and, in turn, recruit more followers into their religion.

And don’t even get me started on fucking Scientology… Aliens… REALLY?! I mean, fucking, REALLY?!?! Sorry… But no… I just can’t.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand…

Take something as ‘controversial’ as marriage equality, and all of a sudden there’s religious groups all up in arms about it. Granted, they’re already up in arms over the mere existence of homosexuals in society (well except for those priests who were / are kiddy-fiddlers, apparently that’s acceptable), going on about how it’s a sin, and we’re all abominations and we’re all going to hell etc etc. Add the notion of marriage equality, and they turn into something not even resembling human. Everybody is so up in arms about marriage equality and the concept of ‘traditional marriage’, but nobody seems to actually factor in that marriage laws are still so very 1950’s-Era and it’s now 2014. Religious and conservative groups talk about how marriage equality goes against what the bible says, therefore it’s a sin. Bitch please, it also says it’s a sin to do quite a lot of things, but you don’t see anybody else being stoned to death for wearing a poly-cotton blend, do you? Oh, no of course you don’t, because that’s just ludicrous – not to mention illegal. Besides, last I checked, the bible wasn’t the basis on which legislation was created, so maybe stop hiding behind your bibles as the law. You just damn ridiculous.

Have you ever thought about how they go on and on about how marriage equality will ‘destroy’ the sanctity of marriage, and the fabric of society etc… Let’s look at this for a moment…

Okay so we have the religious and overly conservative fighting for traditional marriage laws, because marriage is to be taken seriously between a man and a woman and the vows are meant to be obeyed ’till death do you part’… Or until the husband fucks a hooker and gets her pregnant, resulting in a very quick and expensive divorce, before they both remarry soon afterwards, and inevitably divorce again… But this is completely okay, because even though they’re breaking their vows, it’s still between a man and a woman. Tradition has been saved. We’ve all seen the memes doing the rounds of the internet with their messages about how Britney can be married for a matter of hours and get divorced, and kim Kardashian can get married for millions of dollars, and charlie sheen can have his harem of women etc… but two guys wanting to marry each other because they’ve been together for a lifetime, and just ‘put a ring on it’ threatens the sanctity of marriage.

Sorry, but that’s just a bunch of bullshit. The divorce rate is still over 50% so that in itself shows that marriage isn’t actually that much of an ‘institution’ that everybody still pretends that it is.

If two people love each other, and are committed to each other, why can’t they ALL have the freedom to get married? Shouldn’t the concept of marriage be about love?

Unfortunately there are a vast number of people out there who feel that strongly about their religion, and the bible, and that marriage is ONLY between a man and a woman, and they use their excuses of ‘freedom of speech’ to spew their homophobia and their hate-speeches around the community, in an attempt to attack these people. Yes, everybody is entitled to ‘free speech’ but it shouldn’t be allowed if that free speech is going to be used as a hate-speech. That’s where I would be drawing the line.

What I don’t understand is that the reason marriage equality is SUCH a massive topic at the moment is because the interlocked triangle of politics, money and religious groups is so tight-knit, but by continually denying marriage equality bills only makes the campaign stronger and more determined. More and more people are actually stopping to listen to a voice of reason, and the question is simple: if two people love each other, and they want to get married, how does that marriage affect YOUR life? If two people you’ve never met want to commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives, and they happen to be the same gender, does that somehow DIRECTLY affect your life? Does them putting a ring on it somehow mean that the entire ‘sanctity’ of marriage is going to suddenly collapse, the sky will begin to fall, and the earth will open up and swallow every single one of us!? I didn’t think so… so if it has no impact on your life whatsoever, then why can’t you support marriage equality? Surely everybody should be able to marry who they love, right? It’s 2014, why are we STILL being treated like second-class citizens? We just want equality, that’s all. Nothing more, nothing less, we just want a fair playing field.


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