1 July – 10th Anniversary

This summer is BlogHer’s 10th anniversary! Tell us something YOU have been doing for ten straight years.


I actually think I’ve been at my current job for ten years… Which is surprising and kind of sad… It just goes to show how complacent I’ve become in terms of employment. I haven’t even been going to the gym for 10yrs.

Not bad for a job where I started as a temp, and have since become part of the furniture. I’ve seen so many new people join the organisation, and a number of people leave us, now that I think about it, there’s really only a handful of people who have been there as long as I have.

I’ve also been in Melbourne for over ten years… But that kind of doesn’t really count. I just like to remind myself of that from time to time to remind myself of where I came from and how much happier I am having moved.

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