Daily Prompt – Wrong Turns

When was the last time you got lost? Was it an enjoyable experience, or a stressful one? Tell us all about it.

It’s rare for me to get lost. I’m always the navigator.

For somebody that doesn’t drive, I always manage to amaze Hulk with my navigation and sense of direction whenever we’re going somewhere. I may have been to a place / venue only once, and probably years ago, but I still remember how to get there. Hulk, on the other hand, relies on the TomTom to get him places.

I think that I’ve managed to acquire these skills because I’m such an independent person, and I like exploring – well, when I a) have the opportunity, and b) when I have the time.

When I was younger I would often travel to Sydney to stay with relatives, and when I had the chance, I’d venture off on my own – catching trains and buses everywhere; exploring the city and the suburbs; working out how to get from A to B to C then to A and then to D then from D to B and back to my Nan’s. But I’ve always been like that.

As a kid growing up in the country, when I got my first mountain bike my friend and I would go on rides… We’d just ride and follow random roads and dirt tracks to see where they would lead us. Sometimes we’d end up on somebody’s farm, or we’d end up in the middle of nowhere at an interest film playing rock, paper, scissors to decide which road to take. Sometimes it would result in us being 20+km from home which made for a VERY long ride home!!

Nowadays, I’ve always got my phone on me, and I use landmarks to determine whether or not I’m going in the right direction. But even if I did manage to get lost, I wouldn’t stress, because I could just ask somebody for directions… And if I really need to, hail a cab.


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