7 July – A Different Decade

Which former decade do you wish you could time travel and visit? Why?

Part of me wishes I could go back to the 1920’s – to a Gatsby-esque era full of burlesque girls, pinstripe suits, and chivalrous gentlemen.

There was something about this time that really appeals to me – the roaring 20’s always seemed like such a great era of time to experience.

However, I would really love to go back to the 15-1600’s. The Elizabethan era is something that fascinates me purely for two primary reasons: castles and couture. There’s something about. The Elizabethan era that I absolutely love… Predominantly it’s all about the fashion – the big wigs, and the corsetry, the massive hoop skirts and incredibly detailed embroidery. The fabrics were always so exquisite and ranged from incredibly luxurious silks to quite thick and heavy duty materials – not really sure what it was… But I always imagined it to be like curtain material – thick and heavy, and because outfits often required several layers, I can imagine that it would have been incredibly hot – well, unless you were living in England where it’s always cold and usually raining. I also imagine that the fabrics would have needed to be quite heavy-duty and durable, as they wouldn’t have been regularly washed, and spent quite a lot of time being dragged along the ground in the dirt and the dust and the mud.

I think also of those reasons, it’s why the Elizabethan ‘look’ and style is regularly referred to throughout current fashion tends, from runway shows of haute couture, to music superstars, to drag queens… It’s a look that whilst so classic, was almost ahead of its time. I consider it to be fashion forward. It’s so iconic.

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