8 July – Decade of Decadence

We had the Roaring 20s, the Swinging 60s, and the 80s Decade of Decadence. Which decade best fits your personality?


Do I have to pick from just those three, because I would have picked the 90’s decade of Cringeworthiness.

Granted I was a product of the 80’s, but the reality was my decade was the late eighties to early-mid nineties.

I think that was a period of time when things like ‘pop culture’ and references to it we’re coming to the forefront. It was a time that was all about horrible fashion choices; terrible yet iconic television; the rise of chat-shows, and the introduction of mobile phones and Internet amongst society. It was a period of time where the dollar had a much better value – if you had a house with a second storey or a pool etc, you were well off. If you ever travelled overseas, you were well off.

My personality resonates with the 90’s because it was when I was growing and developing and creating lifelong memories of my childhood. It was a period of time that I absolutely love when I look back, but absolutely loathed at the time.

It was actually quite a significant decade for me – especially now that I’m older, because I look at things as simple as movies or tv shows that are getting reeboots ie Transformers, Xmen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles etc and I’m absolutely floored at the amount of people who have never heard or seen any of the original cartoons, or other iconic shows like He-Man or Alf etc. Clearly small things, but small things that an entire generation are able to associate their entire childhood with.

I guess this basically says that although I’m an adult, I’m actually still quite a big kid at heart… And I would probably say that those who know me would agree.

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