9 July – Historical Fiction

Do you like to read historical fiction? Tell us about your favourite book not set in the contemporary period.

I do not read historical fiction, as it’s something that I simply cannot stand.
I think that it all stems from my loathing of History in high school. It was one of those classes where as soon as the teacher would start talking, my eyes would glaze over and nothing would actually stick. I always struggled with all things ‘history’ – names, events, dates, countries, wars etc etc, I just could not get it.

So to then read historical fiction felt exactly the same as a regular history class – painfully confusing. I remember in year 9 or something I grabbed a book and read the back cover and thought that it was a pretty interesting book… But it was set in the 1700’s and involved some kind of war, and as soon as I realised that, I closed the book and returned it to the library. I don’t even remember what it was called because it turned me off that much.

The only historical writing I’ve ever read and actually enjoyed was the works of William Shakespeare. And that’s probably about as extensive as I’ll ever get – unless somebody can make history appealing to me… I’m open to suggestions…

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