Daily Prompt – Frame of Mind

If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?

I’d paint something abstract, and use colour to represent mood. But how do you convey the feeling of people-catching-public-transport-are-so-fucking-stupid-it-makes-my-brain-hurt’?!?!?

Let me give you this visual:

I get woken up by my alarm, turn it off and go back to sleep, only to realise I’ve slept an extra 40mins and if I’m not on a bus in the next 12mins, I’m going to be late for work.

By the time I get to the train station, it’s just starting to rain, and discover there are no city-loop trains, so instead everybody has to get a train direct to Flinders St station. After a further 30mins waiting in the rain to be able to actually get on a train, one turns up and then all these mindless zombies crowd around the door, only to then get into the carriage and just stand there, completely ignoring all the other passengers trying to get on. “MOVE DOWN”, somebody shouts, and they all just look around wondering who said that… And then don’t actually move! This, in turn, leads to everybody being squashed up against each other for the entire train trip, resulting in my levels of rage beginning to elevate.

How do you depict that in a painting? Lots of dark colours and heavy brush strokes…!?


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