10 July – The Right Decade

Do you think you were born in the “right” decade, or do you feel like you belong to a different time period?

Well I born in the 80’s and so now that I’m in my early 30’s I’m kind of glad that I was a kid in the 80’s and 90’s… Because you get people these days have no fucking idea about anything from that period of time.
I am always astounded as how uneducated the younger generation are when I make references to things from back then. Even something as simple as talking about a childhood because we didn’t have mobile phones or Internet or fucking Candy Crush is met with blank states full of confusion. Talking about being forced to go and actually play outside become incomprehensible.

I’m glad that I got to experience that period of time – I actually think that we were the last generation to have that. After that, the 90’s saw the rise of video games, the Internet and mobile phones and now, you see toddlers playing with iPads, so the technology is starting almost literally from birth. The idea of actually going outside almost seems to be a completely foreign concept.

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