15 July – Scandal

Kerry Washington is speaking at the conference next week. What do you think has been the biggest scandal so far in this decade?

Well in terms of Australia, there’s been quite a few ‘scandals’.

The most prominent one that comes to mind is the missing Malaysian Air MH370. Following that is the devastation of the MH17 disaster which was thought to have spies on board if just completely fucking mental. But seriously… Where is that missing plane????

Another MASSIVE scandal in ‘Straya was the football drug scandal. Look, now personally, I don’t care for football, for a multitude of reasons, and this was something that took me by surprise. Drugs in sport? That’s so completely shocking and unheard of!!


I guess because I’m such a cynic, I have always believed that drugs were one of those things that a vast number of sports people did, but just never spoke about… especially footballers. So imagine my lack of surprise when there’s suddenly a massive drug scandal in the football league and everybody is standing around with their jaws on the ground as though they simply cannot believe what they’re hearing. Really? REALLY?! how could you be sooo naive?

Then there’s the overthrow of our Prime minister a couple of years ago. I think that was on of the BIGGEST political moments this country has ever seen. Our PM at the time, Kevin Rudd was in power and his own party all turned on him, voting him out, and putting Julia Gillard into power, only to then later have an election and she lost to Tony Abbot who has since been on a whirlwind mission to completely fucking destroy this country as much as he possibly can. And despite everybody bitching and moaning about it, nobody is actually doing anything to push a vote of confidence and have another election.

I fucking hate this government.

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