17 July – Technological Decade

Tell us what you think blogging and social media will look like 10 years from now. Will wearable technology change the way we tell our story?


Ten years from now, we will have a much more convenient way of telling our story…

Smart devices such as wrist watches and ‘smart’ glasses etc will allow us to multitask throughout our lives. We’ll be able to go for a run, and dictate to our watch, which will create a status update or a blog post, and take a selfie and post it all without interrupting your run. Smart glasses or other wearable technology will allow you to record, upload and share hi-def video and images from wherever you are for more of a ‘real time’ feeling.

But it will also allow us the ability to watch, stream , read etc whilst on the go. Moreso with devices such as smart glasses, however, it’ll be much more entertaining watching those people run into sign posts and fall over bins because they’re too distracted and not paying attention to where they’re walking. So whilst it could be a great technological advancement, it could potentially be a hindrance to others.

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