18 July – A Decade Online?

Do you think we’ll be spending more time, less time, or the same amount of time online a decade from now?

Ten years from now there will be even less in-person interaction that what there already is.

The rate at which society is embracing and adapting to social media, and spending their lives online, face-to-face contact will be quite uncommon – the way the Internet was in the early 90’s.

We already spend a majority of our lives online: we blog, we Facebook, we instagram our coffee; we order groceries and clothes online, we book tickets to sporting events, movies and concerts online; we purchase flights and hotels online; check bank balances and train timetables; we check the weather, we email and FaceTime and Skype to keep I touch with people; we play games online with people sitting next to us on the train or across the other side of the world; we tweet celebrities and read gossip mags online or on our devices; we do our banking on our phones and work remotely from the office.

In ten years time, we probably won’t even need to leave our homes anymore. The concept of having to travel to an office will soon become obsolete – and everybody will be able to ‘log-in’ to the office from their home computer / tablet or even smartphone. Literally, our entire lives will be lived online. We won’t need to go to the movies with friends anymore, because we’ll just be able to stream a movie to each persons computer and watch it via something like Skype so we can all still be in each other’s ‘company’ and share the experience.

The concept of going outside and experiencing sunshine and fresh air will almost seem silly… We’ll probably be able to project a virtual outside environment right in the comfort of our living room.

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