Daily Prompt – Musical Marker

We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that there is any music that is that iconic that it would bring back memories of what is actually our winter 2014.

Most of the music now is so generic and it all, basically sounds the same. There’s no music that definitely stands out enough to make me think that I’ll definitely remember this time of my life in twenty years time. It’s all too auto-tuned, over produced and over-commercialised.

Sure, there are plenty of hits out there, but are they necessarily songs that will remind you of summer (or winter)?! I’m not the sort of person who creates that type of association with music. For me, it’s connected to something in my life. I listen to certain tracks and I’m taken back to a certain period of time.

When I listen to Gorecki by Lamb, I’m back at my friend B’s house laying on her bed in the dark, just experiencing the music. When I listen to Pure Pleasure Seeker by Moloko, I just remember driving around in the Nissan, and squaling out ‘NISSAN’ in an obnoxious high-pitched voice. Or when I listen to BeyoncĂ©’s album Bday, I’m back in a hotel room in Sydney with my mate, excited to have bought it the day it was released and then feeling extreme disappointment. Although, strangely enough, now I feel an overwhelming urge to listen to it.

There are so many songs that trigger some kind of significant memory for me, but nothing that would represent an entire summer for me.


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