5 Aug – Languages or Facts

Are you good at learning languages or memorizing facts?

simple… neither.When I was at school, the only ‘language’ we were forced to learn was Japanese. I don’t really remember anything other than how to say my home phone number when we lived in the country. I can count to ten in Japanese, but that’s about it. I also had to learn how to write, but there are way too many symbols and I just don’t understand the language.

And also, because us westerners absolutely butcher such an intricate language, us Aussies will really draw out the vowels and completely bastardise everything about it, and then when you hear an actual Japanese person speak the language, it’s so soft and soooo fast, I simply couldn’t keep up.

In saying that, I would actually like to learn a language, and for years I’ve been drawn towards learning German, because it’s part of my heritage, and for some reason I seem to have convinced myself that because of that alone, I’ll be able to pick it up quite well. I know it’ll be quite a challenge, because it’s not necessarily the easiest language to speak, but it’s kinda sexy.

And well, even if you are saying something really heartfelt and loving to somebody, or yelling it, it just sounds so intimidating and threatening which makes me giggle.

As for remembering facts, I only really seem to remember facts that are of interest to me – things about food or cooking, or health, or technology etc those are things that my brain will actually allow me to keep, swirling them around amongst everything else in there (read: useless information). Any type of fact involving history… let’s just end this conversation now, before I embarrass myself further. Long story short, I know nothing important. But I’ve always been like that. I was terrible at history. I spent most of my time in History class trying to picture how my history teacher and her ‘secret’ lesbian lover, my drama teacher, spent their nights. I just couldn’t quite work it out… My history teacher was obviously the more ‘butch’ one of the relationship, as she was quite bossy and domineering and a bit of a ball-buster, but she was pretty fucking awesome, and everybody wanted to be in her class.

It’s just a shame she taught such a shitty subject.


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